What we like

We want lyrical works that deal with the concepts of connection and disconnection, seeking connection through distance and brokenness. That act of impossible connection is important to us; the journal in itself is intended as an act of connection between places and people, and we would like the work to reflect that.


We do not accept previously published work, either in print or online; work published only on personal blogs, however, will be considered. We regret that we are unable to offer payment at this time.

Submissions are accepted year-round. Simultaneous submissions are welcome, provided the author immediately notifies the SSR when a submitted piece is accepted elsewhere. Please submit no more than six poems/fifteen pages of prose; combined submissions of prose and poetry are not accepted. Note that only one submission from each contributor will be considered per issue.

Please make sure to double-space prose. Poetry should be single-spaced. All pages should be numbered; all submissions should be in one document. Standard, easily readable font (such as Times New Roman or Garamond) is preferred. Please include a cover letter containing your contact information and a brief third-person biography.

Send all submissions to sandstar.review@gmail.com. You will have a response as soon as we’ve made a decision about your work.


The SSR claims first-time publication rights. After publication, all rights revert back to the author. Should your piece be published elsewhere, please indicate it was first published in the Sandstar Review, including the issue number.

After the rousing success of our first issue of poetry, we’re jumping right into reading for our second issue, this one exclusively prose. After the first two issues we will continue to publish in cycles of poetry and prose, at least two issues a year. Note that poetry includes prose poetry, and prose includes flash fiction, creative nonfiction, and drama. Any submissions received outside of their cycle will be automatically deferred to the next issue’s reading pool.

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