Dear submitter,…

October 17, 2012

Dear submitter,

Due to unforeseen circumstances, it is with great regret that we inform you that The Sandstar Review will be taking an indefinite hiatus and is no longer taking submissions. We have thoroughly enjoyed reading your work and hope to open submissions back up again in the future. We wish you the best of luck with your endeavors.

We started The Sandstar Review with very humble beginnings in 2011. In that time, we have discovered a greater writing community than we could have possibly imagined. We cannot thank you enough for submitting your pieces to us for consideration, nor can we fully describe the joy and careful pride with which we read every one of them. It has truly been a pleasure serving as editors-in-chief of The Sandstar Review, as well as witnessing the incredible pool of talent that exists out there. It is our hope that we will be able to revive The Sandstar Review one day. We thank you for your submissions and perseverance.


Lin Wang and Tyler Pratt




Due to unforeseen circumstances, the second issue of the Sandstar Review has been postponed until June 22nd, 2012. As such, the prose deadline has been extended until March 15th, 2012. Please submit your prose to us at

Poetry submissions will still be accepted, but will be deferred to the third issue of the Sandstar Review.

We apologize for any inconvenience and look forward to reading your work.

Lin Wang & Tyler Pratt

Prose submitted after November 15 will be automatically moved to the submission pool for next year’s prose issue. Keep the submissions coming!

In our original call for submissions, we requested writing that dealt with the concepts of connection and disconnection. This stemmed from our philosophy that writing is an act of connection—it connects the reader to the writer, stringing together events and ideas with imagery—but also inherently deals with disconnection, the impossibility of putting a thought into words. In short, we believe all writing to be seeking connection in a disconnected world, and through a disconnected medium. We wanted work that exemplified this philosophy, maybe dealing with the ideas of connection and disconnection in a more direct way.

While piecing together the first issue of the Sandstar, we noticed a trend in the subject matter of the individual poems that spoke to us most: journeys. We thought this rather fitting for the first issue, and for our motivation in starting the Sandstar Review. After graduating high school together, the two of us are going to college in separate states, leading separate lives, and we wanted to start something that would span the distance between us and mark a new beginning. The Sandstar Review was to be a literary bystander, something to follow us in our coming of age, as well as a project to connect the two of us living so far away. We hope it will continue to bridge gaps and serve as a gossamer strand of connection for everyone who encounters it.

The poems in this issue were chosen because they were successful in connecting meaning, imagery, and lyricism, as well as utilizing disconnection to get at a new meaning. These pieces draw you in; they hint at something larger than themselves and capture moments with graceful simplicity; they are shining examples of craft. They also contribute to the overarching theme of the issue while expressing themselves in a purely individual manor. In a way, they’re all connected, and in a way, they’re all separate, waiting to be glued together.

We thoroughly enjoyed reading the submissions for our first issue and hope there will be more to come. Please send us your stories for this year’s prose issue, projected to be out on December 22, 2011. We’re also accepting submissions for the next issue of poetry, expected to be published on this date next year. As usual, guidelines are on our website.

Many thanks to all contributors and everyone who encouraged and supported us throughout the publication process. Special thanks to Blake Taylor, for artwork and walking with us when we took our first steps as graduates; our teachers for four years of writing, laughter, and fashioning our artistic sensibilities; finally, everyone else who contributed to the magazine and took an interest in its creation. Thank you for considering the Sandstar Review as an outlet for your work.

Please enjoy the inaugural issue of the Sandstar Review! Click here to view the PDF online.

Lin Wang and Tyler Pratt

the Olympics

May 11, 2011

During our first discussions of the Sandstar Review, the idea was that it would be published in alternating cycles of poetry and prose; poetry in summer and prose in winter, like the Olympics. We initially discarded this idea, anticipating fewer outstanding submissions than we’ve already had, and thinking that limiting our selections to one genre would limit the quality of the journal as a whole. However, in the short time we’ve been in operation, the number and quality of submissions received has exceeded our expectations. We think now that publishing poetry in one issue and prose in the next will lend cohesiveness to the individual issues.

So we’re going back to the original idea: the first issue will consist entirely of poetry; the second, prose. Any prose submissions received from this point on will be added to the reading pool for the second issue; prose submissions already received will be responded to within the week, and those accepted will be published in the first prose issue.

Issue 1

We would like to have our first issue in the works by the end of this month so that it will be ready for publication by June 22. This means we need all submissions for our inaugural issue in by May 31, no exceptions. Note that our reading period remains year-round; anything we receive after May 31 will be deferred to the pool for the second issue. During the publication process we will not respond to any submissions received for the following issue. We will start reading new work after publication.

Issue 2

Our current goal is to have our second issue published online on December 22, but that date may change depending on the success of the first. The deadline for submissions to the winter issue will be November 15.

Hello world!

April 26, 2011

Welcome to the Sandstar Review! The SSR is an exclusively online literary magazine dedicated to publishing fresh voices and lyrical, insightful work.

This is our first issue and we need voices.

Submit your work to Submission guidelines are found here.